Tarmak22 was founded in 2019 by Antonia Crespi and Tatiana de Pahlen with the hope of adding something new, accessible and dynamic to the cultural dialogue in the Swiss Alps.

During the winter season we host museum-worthy shows thanks to our international gallery partners, allowing us to fund a more experimental program in the summer. Our overarching desire for the summer exhibitions is to support young artists with a link to Switzerland.

Through this hybrid structure, we hope to create a year-round dialogue that will give back to our community and enable meaningful connections between artists, curators, collectors and spectators in the region.

Open throughout the year and easily accessible to the public, Tarmak22 provides a new platform for cultural and artistic activity in Saanenland, Switzerland.

The Parley - SUPERFLEX

Presented by
The Alex Hank Collection

The Parley - SUPERFLEX


Selected Works
From The Alex Hank Collection

Selected Works From The Alex Hank Collection